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  about linda

Forests, rivers, hiking, biking, swimming, camping -- drinking in the sustenance and wisdom of the natural world. Music and dancing -- using the body to create art. Silence -- the perspective that comes from listening. These three continue to fuel my intuitive skills and aesthetic sensibilities.  

Formal schooling and formal training inform the work, including a graduate M.F.A. degree (Master of Fine Arts) and a two-year Feng Shui apprenticeship, but real training occurs on the job with each new client. Your space is unlike any others.

The flow of energy, the pathways, the obstructions in your personal space and, especially, your intentions matter above all else. You won't find a formula for those in any Feng Shui book!

What is possible? Review of architecture plans, property (lot) assessment, assessment of a potential rental or house purchase, arranging furniture, lighting, art work, flooring, roofing, color choices, and counter tops. The ultimate goal is to express your strongest longings. 

Feng Shui has been my full-time work since 2005. My client base is Madison, Wisconsin; Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona; Naples, Florida, Chicago, Indianapolis, and Europe. 


function form color


Feng Shui

Home: A feeling of having arrived -- that big exhale -- a feeling of being safe and planted in a place where you are restored. A place for refuge. A place for nesting.

We long for that feeling of home. We know it when we feel it. Some places feel so great we don't want to leave — both relaxing and stimulating at the same time. Good conversation just seems to happen. Visitors feel welcomed and comfortable.  The space is nurturing in much the same way that being out in nature is nurturing. 

Through countless times, cultures have named systems for aligning our lives with nature -- outer nature and inner nature.  We use a Chinese name, but Feng Shui is not Chinese. It's about you and your world. If you're Italian or Mexican, the work might more fully reflect the culture of your heritage, the one that means home to you. The purpose is to create a balanced and beautiful space as your refuge -- a place where you feel nurtured and restored, in communion with your own nature.

Think of going to a party where no one wants to leave. The place feels alive. The chemistry between a home and its occupants, between a home and its visitors is a palpable feeling. This feeling can be consciously created. You can do this.

Expect no magic. The work makes sense and requires no beliefs or superstitions. We work as a team to express your deepest longings. What your mind desires, we create in your space. Relationships? Health? Prosperity? Those expressions find a physical representation in your home, offices, and schools. Freedom from confusion in your space brings clarity of mind, increased energy, and a sense of empowerment. Freedom from confusion is created largely by focus and intention, standards you control and express.

Function and form: Your functions are foremost. Forms contain and express them. Color brightens, enlivens, and awakens you

Make a list of your functions. Do you have a space for keys, mail, family gatherings, book groups, homework spaces for children, dining with friends? Let’s create the best for home or office with design plans, furniture, color, flooring, art work, lighting, and more.  Professional guidance alongside your desires create a powerful result. Shall we begin?


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Life is precious.
And short.

What we do matters.

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