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Feng Shui



All cultures in all times have had systems for aligning our lives with nature.  We use a Chinese name, but the work is not Chinese. It's about you and your world. If you're Italian or Mexican, the work might look like a world that’s meaningful to you.

Remember spaces you return to…..
….. spaces you don’t want to leave
….. spaces where others feel at ease
….. spaces where creative thinking occur

Shall we create these feelings in your space?

What feelings are you wanting more of? balance, ease, trust, success, community, productivity. gentleness, kindness, spaciousness, respite, comfort?

Bring balance and beauty into your refuge. Feel nurtured and restored, in communion with your own nature.

The process? Chi creates our feelings. Chi is the life force, the energy in all: in people, animals, homes, schools, offices, plants, paper clips, shoes, cars, everything.

Health Chi, Relationship Chi, Power and Wealth Chi: Each has a different look and feel. What are you wanting to augment and balance in your spaces?

Results include focus and clarity.

Kitchens and baths, living rooms, offices and bedrooms, the front of your house, your floor plans and architectural drawings: All play a role in creating the feelings you want.

Function and form are the tools: Your functions are foremost. Forms contain and express them. Color brightens, enlivens, and awakens you.

How can you begin?
You can begin by making a list of your functions: Where do you pay bills, keep your keys and glasses, host book groups, host movie groups or family gatherings, do homework, eat daily meals and cozy breakfasts, sleep, enjoy silence. Do you have a dedicated space for each function?

To assure that functions are met, form can be created in many ways: walls, plants, rugs, furniture, art work, lighting, and more.

Color energizes, calms, inspires, and creates many feelings.

Shall we begin? We can start slowly or go full force for a long session. You choose.