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Feng Shui



Throughout history, cultures have named systems for aligning our lives with nature -- outer nature and our inner nature.  We use a Chinese name, but the work is not Chinese. It's about you and your world. If you're Italian or Mexican, our work might more fully reflect the cultures of your heritage, the ones meaningful to you. Our purpose is to create a balanced and beautiful space as your refuge -- a place where you feel nurtured and restored, in communion with your own nature.

The great value of being in touch with your own nature is the greater clarity of mind you find. And with that clarity, you are better able to bring your focus to creation of  the future you envision. Focus is vitally important as is creating a pathway towards your focus.

Expect no sleight of hand. The work makes sense and requires no beliefs or superstitions. We work as a team to express your deepest longings. What your mind desires, we create in your space. Relationships? Health? Prosperity? Those expressions find a physical representation in your home, offices, and schools. Freedom from confusion in your space brings clarity of mind, increased energy, and a sense of empowerment.

Function and form: Your functions are foremost. Forms contain and express them. Color brightens, enlivens, and awakens you.

Professional training and intuition guide my assessment as we work as a team in your space.

How does it all work?
We all want something. We say we want a new home or new kitchen. But we all want more than some thing. Typically we want increased contact, less isolation, better relationships, improved health, greater independence, clarity of thought, more space for community, a greater capacity to relax, or whatever it is you want.

My job is to discover what you are wanting beyond some thing and create an expression of it in your home or office. You then live with that expression. It becomes a part of your world view, your reference point, your thinking and feeling. You are empowered to bring that expression into the world, getting what you really wanted all along. 

How to begin: Inventory your functions. Do you have a space for keys, mail, family gatherings, book groups, homework spaces for children, dining with friends? Let’s create the best for home or office with furniture, color, flooring, design plans, art work, lighting, and more.  With my professional guidance, we work as a team on behalf of your dreams. Shall we begin?