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Space and Clutter Clearing

Clutter Clearing comes first. The other end of the energetic spectrum is Space Clearing. Without clearing the clutter and organizing your stuff, the rest has minimal impact.

Clearing stuff shakes loose habits. Clarity of mind shows up.  Energy increases in body, mind, environment.

Begin even now.

Your own labors may bring success, but with a coach, breakthroughs are faster and easier.

Clutter: Sagging relationships, stacks of papers (with important ones often buried), broken window latches or door knobs, dangerous stairs, collections, projects waiting for “some day,” things that are regularly misplaced or forgotten.

What to keep? Does each item express the future you’re moving into? Will it launch you to greater balance, love, and relationship?

Quiz yourself:
1. Can you readily locate your keys, glasses, outgoing mail, incoming mail, insurance papers, legal documents, tax documents, and the kids' collections of toys?

2. Do you have a system to know what's in your pantry and what you need to replenish?

3. Do you have spaces that never get used in your home? 

4. Are there projects waiting for "some day" to happen?

5. Are you keeping things because you don't want them to go in a landfill?
 … because "they still have life in them"?
 … because you paid good money for them (even if you never use them)?
 … because you don't want to upset Aunt Tilly who may discover that the gift she gave you (which you dislike) is gone?
…. because you fear you may forget a person or feeling associated with an object?

6. Is your mind frequently distracted by things in your sight line that are unfinished, broken, worn out, or otherwise neglected?

The value of a coach: Perspective. Understand your patterns, your habits, your fears, and your vision for a better future. Speed up the process while still valuing the emotional content of sorting, recycling, and gifting stuff.

Space clearing: After the project is completed, space clearing can provide the finishing touches.

Call to discuss a plan and pricing: or 608-255-0651.