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Space and Clutter Clearing

Space Clearing and Clutter Clearing are two extremes of the same thing.  Clutter clearing is work you can do and must do before expecting any Feng Shui results.

The clutter clearing of your stuff (papers, projects, collections, clothing, shoes, tools, kitchen toys, etc.), by itself, can shake loose old habits and reveal unexpected clarity in your mind and life.  “Stuff” can be found in closets, drawers, under furniture, in garages, basements, attics and in any room, especially bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms, and home offices.

You can begin even now.

Your mind created your current home or office. Relying solely on your own perspective may bring success, but with a coach, you are sure to have a breakthrough.

Quiz yourself:
1. Can you readily locate your keys, glasses, outgoing mail, incoming mail, insurance papers, legal documents, tax documents, and the kids' collection of pool or beach toys?

2. Do you have a system to know what's in your pantry and what you need to replenish?

3. Do you have spaces that never get used in your home?  Are you paying your rent or mortgage for space you never use?

4. Are there projects waiting for "some day" to happen?

5. Are you keeping things because you don't want them to go in a landfill?
 because "they still have life in them"?
 because you paid good money for them (even if you never use them)?
 because you don't want to upset Aunt Tilly who may arrive to discover that the treasured gift she gave you (which you dislike) is gone?
 because you might need them "some day" (which seems never to come)?
 because you fear you may forget the person associated with an object?

6. Is your mind frequently distracted by things in your sight line that are unfinished, broken, worn out, or otherwise neglected?

Start small and reward yourself after every small success (every drawer, for example). Be patient. The first run-through may take a year, so set aside grandiose timeline expectations. Slow but steady wins the race.

The value of a coach: Perspective, perspective, perspective. Learn how to understand your patterns, your habits, your fears, and your vision for a better future. Speed up the process while still valuing the emotional content of sorting, recycling, and gifting stuff.

Space clearing: After the project is completed, space clearing can provide the finishing touches.