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linda mundt design

linda mundt design


I became a more expansive artist. I took the overstimulation and quickness away.”

Cori Scheft, Artist,

‘We wanted passion and we got it.”

Bridgett and Rich Manteufel

The students are a little quieter, a little less distracted. They’re just calmer….It does make a difference.”

Steve Young, Math Teacher, Malcolm Shabazz High School

There is a feeling of openness that was lacking with the industrial tan that existed before.”

Robert Banks, Science Teacher, Malcolm Shabazz High School

Linda understood the goals for the Blue Mounds Dharma Center, and capably guided its design, layout and color schemes to fulfill our vision.”

Scott Anderson,

The colors absolutely transformed our yoga studio. Our space feels restful, healing, peaceful, and safe. You have created an atmosphere that has made a world of difference to us all.

Katie Veit, Yoga Coop of Madison,

Recently a friend recommended a Feng Shui consultation when I mentioned I wanted to repaint the inside of my house but felt I needed some help getting “out of my box,” my beige box, that is.

Our scheduled meeting began with a one-hour session to talk about my life—where I felt it flowed, where I felt stuck, and what I wanted to create for myself. I once heard that Feng Shui is like acupuncture for the home, freeing up stuck energy so that it would flow freely in every sector of your life, represented by the bagua or Feng Shui floor plan.

She was very intuitive. I had the work thing down, she said – too well. We moved my office to make space for an assistant, and we moved everything out of the small bedroom but my bed, with plans to hang new lighting and small tables on the sides of the bed. I sleep so much better in this uncluttered space. Next came all the new, vibrant colors spashed on the walls – oranges of several shades, deep pinks and soft greens. The first week living in all these passionate, strong colors, I felt irritated. How was I supposed to relax? I wanted my beige back. By the second week I was feeling energized, rather than irritated and beginning to enjoy the new feel to my home. Now, a couple of months later, have I noticed any changes? My daughter, who had been working in the home, is making some big shifts in her life; my painter found a new romantic interest, and I sold a piece of property that had been on the market for a very long time. I’m still working more than I want, but I have some help. I’m also socializing more and generally feeling lighter. In short, I’ve let go of all kinds of things I haven’t needed, both physical and mental.

Sharon Bruckman, Founder, Publisher, and Senior Editor, Natural Awakenings

It’s beautiful here, just beautiful. Oh my goodness, it’s smashing.

Anne Forbes,

Going to have our taxes done was always an anxiety-producing experience, and the CPA firm’s décor reflected our anxiety. Now we feel uplighted by the color and plants.” 

C and S, Good’nLoud Music

Linda advised us on the colors for every room in our house. She also provided advice on the arrangement of furniture, accessories, and art. People who come to our house comment that they feel welcomed. It is a warm, friendly, and calm environment. We both experience very high levels of creativity, empowerment, and comfort. We experience our space as sacred. Our relationship has flourished, our prosperity has greatly increased, and we feel grounded in our home since implementing Linda’s recommendations.”

Cici Collings and Jim Miller, Beauty Wonder Whimsy,

What had been a crowded, restless space has become a sanctuary, a place where we can find our connections with each other.

Craig Werner and Leslee Nelson

Change can be very difficult, especially when you don’t understand the root of what’s keeping you from being who you want to be. Linda’s intuition sifts through these insecurities with deft and precision, offering compelling results. My experience has been nothing short of stupendous: When I walk through my living room, I feel a lovely surge of oxygen enter my lungs. I’m not needing as much sleep. I’ve found the time to do some yoga every day, and my body loves me for it. I have more room to play with my cats. I can focus rather than being bombarded by all the stimulation around me. My house is easier to clean. It’s done in no time, leaving room for more exciting activities. And a goal of mine was to concentrate on my career. Since my work with Linda, I applied for a coveted job and got it!

I was extremely nervous to embark upon this adventure with Linda. I was excited about all the colors she chose but one, a dusty lavender for the most visible living room wall. I really hated that color. After living with it, I’ve fallen in love with it and catch myself gazing at the color. Amazing.”

Nicole Gruter, Artist,
linda mundt design

linda mundt design