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A Feng Shui visit can be on site or remote. We first evaluate your current home or office and then look at the goals for your new space using Feng Shui principles and practices.

Each decision takes into account your resources, your community and family, and your values and aesthetics. Materials are reused, repurposed, and recycled whenever possible.

Creating an unobstructed flow of energy in pursuit of your future is our priority. We will discuss:

 * The Feng Shui floor plan (called the BaGua)

 * The role of the elements (fire, earth, metal. water, and wood). Each fabric and texture, each light and piece of furniture is either one or a combination of elements. and how to balance them in your space (using colors, textures, lighting, furniture arrangement, art work, etc.)

 * Empowering you to locate your deepest longings

 * What Feng Shui is and how it works

 * Remodeling plans

 * Furniture, flooring, lighting, colors and textures, art work and more

 * How to make the most of what you already have

 * Functions that seem to be short-changed (Do you have a place for all the things you regularly do in your space?)

 * Organizing your possessions

 * Connecting with resources

 * And especially, examining your intentions, your longings, your skills and talents and how best to bring them into the world

Depending on the size of your space and your budget, the first visit may take 3-5 hours. Or fewer.  For some, this first visit is sufficient to meet your goals. You determine the pace of the work and its content.


Every person who follows the full process reports a feeling of having moved to a new home, without the hassle and cost of moving. There is work involved, but what cost efficiency!